A Rose for Love and a Book Forever

Today is the Catalan holiday I like most. It’s the day of Rose and Book -La Diada de Sant Jordi. Originally the boys gave roses to the girls they liked and girls gave books.On every corner this morning I could see people selling roses, honestly on EVERY corner.  I guess it makes sense as today there will be the biggest roses and books sale this year. Half of the total yearly book sale in Catalonia is going to happen today (that is what Wikipedia says).
There is a legend of course – suspiciously similar to the one about Krakow Dragon- Smok Wawelski. The knight that saved the princess and the town from the horrible dragon in Catalonia, was George (Jordi). The Dragon died on the field of roses.


So if you love somebody – give him or her the rose today, perhaps you will get a book in return :)

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