Heaven over African Savannah

What I want to describe here is my personal safari experience, however it is not about animals or views or nature itself but about what I felt while being on African Savannah for the first time in my life.
Now, I really believe safari is an experience that is worth every penny.
Visiting Mikumi National Park was to be just in addition to our super holiday on a paradise island of Zanzibar. It end up like one of the best experiences of our life.


We never book holidays via travel agencies. However, since we travel with our son, we try to prepare the journey the way it is comfortable but leaves some space for spontaneity. That is why we booked the safari car with the guide over the internet.
When I was approaching the parking I was secretly hoping to see the big car with the roof that you can open, something very typical like from the movie.
And to my relief and absolute joy, here it was. The one from my dream:)

The Perfect Safari Car

The Perfect Safari Car

To get to Mikumi National Park from Dar Es Salaam it took us around 7 hours (almost 300 km). Our happiness was infinite when after passing the road sign informing we are entering the park we saw the monkeys. Real monkeys, happy and free.

Mikumi Monkeys

Mikumi Monkeys

I had to tell myself -’this is really happening!’
We decided to take a short game drive before heading to the lodge. For a good start we took our first safari photo. We felt it at that moment, all of us, the adventure was just beginning. You can tell how happy we are by looking at our smiling faces.

African safari experience in Mikumi National Park

We entered the Park gate and immediately saw a herd of elephants. It was for real! They were big, slow and in front of our car. We immediately forgot about being wrecked after so many hours in the car. The excitement won this time. We wanted more!

We took a quick ride and shared the same enthusiasm when seeing first zebras, impalas and wildbeest. When the sun was almost gone we drove to the camping site.
If you knew me you would know my face says – This is so incredibly beautiful.

Admiring savannah sunset in Mikumi Park

Admiring sunset over savannah

Watching the sun going down I felt I was in the right place, with the right people, at the right time. I would not want to be in any other place at this very moment.

Sunset in Mikumi Park

The infinite heaven

And then, when I thought it could not get any better, I saw elephants coming out of the bushes. Just like that. Crossing the road like pedestrians in a city.

African safari experience - elephants

Holding my breath

First thing in the morning after breakfast we went to search for the lion. Of course it is all about the Lion. We all pretend it’s about all other animals as well but the reality is, the Lion is the king, and all of us want to stand face to face with the king. As it is commonly known seeing the king is not easy, even if you are at their house. We were lucky enough to see not only the Lion but also the herd of lion females with the young ones, resting under the lonely tree.

Lions in Mikumi Park

Seeing the lion was one of the most moving moments during the whole trip (and perhaps of my life). It is something you really look forward but not really believe it could happen. So when we actually did see it, we jumped, screamed, cried, laughed and hugged (all of it at the same time and really quietly so we don’t disturb the king). I felt completed. I felt, now I could go home, I have seen it all.

Best African safari experience

We did it! We saw the Lion!

Apart from wild animals, I could not stop watching the sky. It had no end. I don’t know how to explain it, but it really was bigger then the ‘normal’ sky, the one I see every day.

The infinite heaven over savannah in Mikumi Park

The infinite heaven over savannah

We left the car only once during the game drive. It was on the hippo’s lake (apparently the most dangerous of all of the animals). Some of us risk it to pee and some to stretch the legs.

Mikumi Park game drive - out of  the car

One of the very few places where we could actually leave the car


Mikumi Park game drive - out of  the the car with kid

Is there a toilet around here?

If somebody would tell me how safari really looks like (6 hours in the car with one break) I would probably think twice before going there, especially with Max. Fortunately I didn’t know and now I can guard my memories and feelings that come back with the same strength every time I think of it.


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