Free (and fun) attractions in Barcelona – Part One

Every big city has its free ‘face’. Sometimes it is very obvious, sometimes it is more hidden and you need to dig in to get to it. In my opinion it is always worth to look for it. Here is the list of free attractions in Barcelona that I found interesting and fun to see.

My first list of attractions in Barcelona for free:

  • The gardens and the castle of Montjuic – this place always amazes me. Every time I go there I found something new. Great gardens, fountains, parks, kids attractions and of course the castle at the top of it with incredible views on Barcelona and its harbor. All that for free any time of the day!!There is always a place to park and it’s free also – something very unusual in Barcelona
Barcelona for free - Castle of montjuic in barcelona

The Castle of Montjuick

Barcelona for free - barcelona for kids - montjuic parc

Playground in Montjuic

montjuic parc - view on barcelona port

The view from Montjuic mountain


  • Ciutadella park – I like the park because it has this Spanish chill out atmosphere where nobody is in a hurry. It is full of water, which is nice during the summer – big fountain called Cascada (with some Gaudi touch), small lake where you can rent a boat.  There is also a playground for kids and lots of shadow to rest in the sunny afternoon. On a weekend the park changes in the place of casual meeting spot for locals and tourist. You can admire the shows of street artists – walking on a line, African congas concerts etc.. Great place for adults, kids, young and older.
Barcelona for free- Cascada in ciutadella park

Cascada in Ciutadella park


Great place for kids

barcelona for free - La Ciudatella and music

Live music in Ciudatella Park – open for everybody


  • Boqueria Market- the most colorful food market I have ever seen. Although it’s always very crowded and full of tourist I always recommend it as ‘must see’ in Barcelona. At least to take a great photo and drink cheap exotic juice
barcelona for free - Boqueria Market

Fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat and much more – all full of colors

barcelona for free - Nuts in Boqueria Market

Nuts in Boqueria


  • Park Guell - for now still free and worth visiting. Great views, a bit of Gaudi work, fantastic playgrounds for kids and in general a park one of its kind. Cannot be missed.
barcelona for free - Gaudi - park guell

Gaudi’s crazy shapes in Park Guel

barcelona for free - Park guell

Park Guell entrance

  • Admiring the Gaudi work: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlo, Pedrera – Gaudi’s constructions are so complex and extraordinary that you can spend all day just on watching the facade of its buildings. I really recommend following the Gaudi path in Barcelona just to admire them from the outside. Many people says it is not worth to queue and go inside of Sagrada Familia. I don’t agree with that. It is absolutely amazing inside. However if you don’t want to spend time queuing and paying a lot for the ticket, no worries. Just watch the outside and how it changes with the sunset. You will be stunned.
barcelona for free - Sagrada Familia

A building to remember

barcelona for free - Casa Batlo

The fountain of magic and colors


And that is the end of part one of Barcelona for free.  Part two is soon to appear.

When I think of it, you can really spend excellent quality time in Barcelona, spending very little money. Just need to find cheap accommodation or stay at friend’s house.
This time it is not going to be ours. We are ‘fully booked’ till end of summer:)


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