The city by night – Barcelona party walk

People come to Barcelona to admire Gaudi’s work, great architecture, museums and enjoy the beach. After the whole day of sightseeing, the warm evening comes. The streets are still full of people and you can feel the vibrant atmosphere of the city. I want to go out too, you think to yourself. But where? It’s  a big city full of bars, pubs and clubs. Some are better, some worse. Which one to choose?

For those who like to have fun, today I am giving a ready and fully tested Barcelona party walk. Here it goes…


Ready for party??

Ready for party??


Best meeting point in Barrio Gotic – SugarBar


After having a nice and late dinner (typical Spanish) we get to the bar around 10PM. Our favourite party meeting point is the SugarBar. It’s located in the middle of Bario Gotic, next to Plaza Real. It’s good to be there before 11 PM when the Happy Hours ends. You can get yourself a decent mojito for a fiver. We always buy a lot to have some for later.


SugarBar - for a good start of the party evening

SugarBar – for a good start of the party evening


Why is SugarBar so special? Well.. because it’s all red, because going to the toilet is and adventure itself. After pushing trough the crowd at the bar, making friends in the meantime, you finallyget to the toilet and depending on your mental state, you experience it your own way. Few hours later the whole bar is a one big party, it’s a pity to leave it…


Dancing in Ocaña on Plaza Real


Finally we decide to leave (usually in a bigger group) and head towards Plaza Real. Some of us really want to dance. We choose Ocaña because it is free entry,  the crowd is made of grown ups, the music is good to dance and more less can satisfy almost every taste. It’s good to be there before 1 AM to avoid queueing.


Let's get dancing!

Let’s get dancing!


On Friday and Saturday night they play soul, jazz, funky, hip hop, lounge. I like décor of the bar  (or rather lack of it). There are many tourists but the atmosphere is quite cool. They close the club at 3 AM.


Last stop for tonight – Pipa Club

If there is no power left to dance, it is better to sit down but the place needs to be right. To close the night I recommend the mysterious PiPa Club. The Pipa Club is located on Plaza Real and looks like somebody’s flat. You have the sensation you are at the house party, just move between the rooms and you can see people sitting everywhere. You can join one of the tables or stay in your own group of friends.


On the way to Pipa Club

On the way to Pipa Club


Why is it so mysterious? Because if you don’t know where it is exactly, it will be hard to find. Perhaps that is why I like it so much. Plaza Real is a square and all the walls look exactly the same to me, so every time I want to go to Pipa Club, I need to ask someone how to get there. When I am at the gate I will just press the button and climb the stairs.


On the way to Pipa Club

On the way to Pipa Club


If until now you didn’t get to know more people, for sure you will have a chance to do it here.

For me, the night ends here. I am going home.


I am sure I had a taxi number somewhere here

I am sure I had a taxi number somewhere here …


Here is the Party Walk Map


Around Plaza Real

Around Plaza Real


So how was your party??



Addresses of the clubs below (all very close to each other):
A. SugarBar – Calle Rauric 21
B. Okaña – Plaça Reial 13 14 15
C. Pipa Club – Pl. Reial, 3



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