The 3 lifes of mine – best cities to live in

What are the best cities to live in if you are single, young and beautiful?
My choice would be London, New York and Barcelona. Find out why…

If I could have a chance to be 25 years old, single with no family 3 times in my life I would choose to live for few years in the following cities:


I lived in London for a year. Me and my boyfriend, we took a gap year during the University and experienced our first time journey abroad.  It was such a great experience that I knew right away, it would be hard to beat.
When we came back we promised to each other that we need to do something as cool as that again, so we don’t spend the rest of our life repeating ‘ when I was in London….’ That would be really sad.

Living in London for us was like being in a movie. There were so many places we knew only from the books or TV. We could not stop smiling while seeing the red phone booths, traveling by old double deck buses along busy Oxford Street or listening to the lady calling ‘mind the gap’ in the tube. On top of it, I could pay all my bills and still have money to enjoy myself  just by working part time in a City bar. I immediately fell in love with that city and thought there could not be anything better than this.

best cities to live in - old london bus

Best London Ride


Best about London

  1. The Tube – the life there would not be possible if not efficiently working metro
  2. West End  and it’s musicals – they are usually very corny, but who cares!! It’s a great show that is available for  everybody
  3. Soho – anything can be found in Soho, whatever sexual taste you have, it is easy to reach within these few streets
  4. Parks - and I’m not necessarily talking about Hyde Park. St.James’ Park is my favorite, but there are many more.
  5. Waterloo Bridge – the best night view of London plus very very romantic
  6. London Pubs – the best place to meet friends after work, always busy.  The same food and drinks are served so you know what to expect
  7. Charity Shops – for me the best place to buy second hand books. Really good books. The price 90 p up to 2 pounds. Bargain.


London view from the Waterloo bridge

London view from the bridge


london big ben

First time in London – Big Ben is a must see


Worst about London:

  1. The Tube – it is hardly possible to live without using the tube, it’s fast, it takes you everywhere, but it’s crowded, too hot, or too cold, claustrophobic and expensive
  2. It’s Dirty – it depends on the district, but yes, it is incredibly dirty
  3. It’s Expensive - in general it is, especially if you want to live in a decent flat,  with the decent post code
  4. Oxford Street - I just came back from London and still cannot forget how tired I was after 2 hours on Oxford street


best cities to live in - The Tube

The Tube


New York

Talking about the ‘movie feeling’. I think New York is the most popular city to make the movie. That’s why when you come to Manhattan you think you have been here before, but still it is overwhelming.

best cities to live in - new york Manhattan

Getting closer to Manhattan


The only thing I won in my whole life was Green Card to be a Permanent Resident of United States. That was a surprise for me, because it’s like with the normal lottery, you play but you never expect this could happen to you. Anyway, I went for a trip to New York to get my Green Card stamped.  I was just freshly after seeing the series ‘Sex and the City’ and I loved it, loved it, loved it.

best cities to live in - new york Broadway

Is this the most famous street in the world?


Best about New York:

  1.  Shopping - cheap or luxury, anything you want.
  2. Night Life – probably the best in the world
  3. Restaurants - any type of cuisine, you can try all of it, not necessarily paying a lot
  4. Bookshops – never been in another place where bookshops with shelves till the ceiling and jazz music are open at 2 am.
  5. Central Park – incredible green island in a fast and busy city. Every corner has it’s legend.


best cities to live in - new york central park

Central Park – place to relax for rich and for poor


Worst about New York:

  1. Crime – my impression was the city if full of crazy people, some of them very dangerously crazy. I did not feel safe there even during the daytime
  2. Too Fast – fast food, fast coffee, hard work – where is the time to live?
  3. It’s Overwhelming – the legend of Manhattan and being successful in New York is disturbing to me, everything here has to be great, the best, the most extraordinary.. that’s a lot of pressure.


New York - Times Square

New York Times Square – always busy



When there was the time in my life to come and live in Barcelona, I was already married with one kid. After quick research we decided Barcelona is no good for us at this stage of our lives. We chose quiet, much smaller Castelldefels. We chose great beach and peace over noisy streets of Barcelona.
I know it is just there, few stops by the train, and I visit it anytime I want.

Best about Barcelona:

  1. Gaudi’s work – not possible not to mention it as it really is beautiful and amazes every time I look at it.
  2. FC Barcelona - I am not a fun of football but yes, it is something they are really proud of. Even for me, watching the game is something really exciting.
  3. Seafood – fresh, not expensive and easy to get. I can try it in the restaurant or make at home. Usually here it tastes better than meat.
  4. Coffee - even in the lousy bar you really don’t feel like entering, you have the best quality coffee guaranteed.
  5. Parks and fountains – fountains are everywhere, you can drink water or cool your head at every corner in a drinking water pomp. And the parks are very different one from another. All worth visiting.


Barcelona pedrera

Pedrera – like the angry face of the sea


Montjuic castle

Montjuic castle – surrounded by parks, gardens and fountains


Worst about Barcelona:

  1. Customer Service – it’s not that it is bad, it just does not exist! The customer here is for the attendant and not the other way round. So be patient.
  2. Thieves - they are very good at their job. Being careful is not enough.
  3. Operating hours – kitchen in the restaurant closed between 4pm and 8pm. Shops and most of the services closed between 2pm and 5pm. You don’t plan it well, you lose.

That is totally 100% my personal opinion. What is yours?


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