Bungee jumping – adventure in New Zealand

Trying to find something inpirational for you, I remebered our trip to New Zealand and the jump my husband did there that I am still impressed with. He experienced bungee jumping in the best and most beautiful place ever.

Bungee jumping – Now or never!

When we arrived to the famous place of bungee jumping on the north island of New Zealand, I stand on the edge of the steep and I thought -  I realy don’t feel like doing this, but if I am not going to do this here, I don’t think there will ever be a better place. Another thougt that came to my mind that morning was – if I was to die, I can’t imaging more beautiful place for that.

bungee jumping new zealand travel The best place to die

The best place for the new dengerous experience


Getting ready for the jump

Before you jump, you need to sign a lot of papers to confirm you are aware of what can happen to you. But neither the papers, nor the price (extremly high for us at that time) did not stop Pawel from signing up. Few moments later he was getting ready for the jump.

While he was waiting for his turn, I was sitting with some tourists listening to their dramatic story of how they broke their fear for the first time and jumped almost vomiting because of being stressed. They were trying to convince me that I should try, because they did it once, and then they come back to do it again, and again and again… Hmm… I looked around again to see the picturesque landscape and decided that I am really happy sitting at the bench and really don’t want to be hanging my head down.

bungee jumping new zealand travel Here or never

Here or never


Even listening to their story did not change my mind. And in the meantime …


The jump

In the meantime my future husband with his legs tied was waiting for his turn. When he was standing on the edge (as he told me later) he just let him thought once “if I am going to look down at least once, I will never jump” and he jumped…..

Here is the famous 3 seconds :)

And after that it was only worse and worse….

When it was all over and P was in the little boat that was taking him back to the shore he felt a bit strange. He keep feelling “strange” for the half of that day. The colour of his face was changing from white to yellow and finallly green. Only first couple of seconds of the jump was the real pleasure. All the rest, just after the rope pull him up, it was not nice anymore. Something twiched and his head could not go back to the right position for the next few hours.

bungee jumping new zealand travel Going back to the shore

Going back to the shore


This time it was a happy ending. As far as extreme sports are concerned P will continue with kitesurfing, putting bungee jumping as something he once did, faced the fear and overcame it. And that’s it.. never again.



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