Castellfornia Visitors and my ’5 days’ rule

Living in a place next to the beach and airport with cheap airlines has great influence on the number of guests and guests request you get.

When I came here to find the flat I was so happy we decided to rent one with the swimming pool and big terrace. Every time I had a swim I felt like I was a  Hollywood star. Simply because in my post communistic mind, only movie stars in California could afford to have it.
I could not wait to share my happiness with my family and friends. I was at home with my son, not working, not knowing anybody there, so I told everyone. Really EVERYONE to come and visit me. In general I am very sociable and the thought of having guests I found very entertaining at that moment.


Experience to share

Experience to share

They started to arrive. And I was really happy to have them, and to show them around, and to have the opportunity to talk to someone, to go out for a walk, to the beach etc … until I got tired. Really tired. We had so many people coming that it happened we took some visitors to the airport to pick up new ones at the same time. I did not have a chance to do the washing and change the sheets. I really had no idea it could get so difficult.

Dinner is servedAnother thing is that I tried to treat them as guests.. you know, the polish meaning.. cook, clean, show them around, suspend my life to spend every minute with them, so they don’t feel lost. Then I started to notice that usually around fifth or sixth day of the visit I started to become irritated with stupid things,  such as not being able to use the bathroom when I wanted, not being able to rest when I needed it, eating food I did not feel like eating etc. Also the tension between me and my husband got bigger and bigger.

Suitcase - travel preparationFinally, when we were close to a divorce, we sat and started to talk. We analyzed the previous months, looking at our suitcases still unpacked, at the flat that was still not completely furnished, we decided we needed our life back. We put all the visits on hold and started to settle down. It took us a while.

Now, when I have friends here, my flat finally looks the way I want it (well, almost), I stopped hurrying, I am again ready for the visitors.


We learned the lesson and now there are certain rules that we follow in terms of having people around.

1. We carefully choose who we invite.
2. We set the maximum stay of 5 nights (excluding family)
3. We warn the guests one night is ours (so they stay as babysitters and we go out together)
4. We make the welcome dinner and then we show where the things in the kitchen are and the closest supermarket.
5. We continue with our life although the guests are around.

If we follow those rules, the whole visitors thing works quite well.

PS. If any of my former or future guest is reading this, please please don’t take it personally. I hope you had a nice time, and what I felt is my problem because I did not know how to organize my life back then.

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