Castellfornia wedding

There was a bit about Castellfornia birthday parties. It is the wedding turn now. If we can attend the party in the California style here in Castelldefels, perhaps we can also go to a beach wedding.
Last Festive Wednesday when I wasgoing on my bike along the beach I saw a typical american movie scene.


The wedding set up was placed next to one of the most popular chiringuito (beach bar) – Tiburon. There was a live band as well, playing Latin/Salsa/Lively music. All very romantic.
Most of the people who were passing by stopped at the sight. The most interesting comment I heard was not about getting married on the beach but getting married in general. The woman said: ” I am impressed they have the guts to get married”. As if it was something that you really need a lot of courage to do.
I don’t know the statistics in details but Spain is leading in EU as far as divorcing is concerned. There is even a special legal term for couples that want to have the ‘married status’ without getting married. In case a woman get pregnant, she and the father go to the lawyer and sign up some papers to register themself as ‘pareja’ (couple), the only paper that is not filled in and signed is the one stating they are married. It makes everything easy, doesn’t it?
How much do people care or put effort to save the relationship if they don’t need to get a lawyer to break up?

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