02nd Apr 2013
spa sausages

Discount offers and my moments of relax

The idea of discount deals got spread in Spain really quickly(because of the crisis, of course). I started to look at these kind of websites about 2 years ago, and...

25th Mar 2013
Easter window shopping

Easter chocolates

On Saturday before Easter I went with Max to Barcelona for a good coffee and my regular visit to BodyShop. Walking on Calle de Balmes we were surprised with rich...

20th Jul 2012
Paella polaca

Paella Polaca

Paella is one of the main dishes here in Catalonia and Valencia region (not sure about the rest of Spain). The base is usually the same, so special kind of...

14th Jun 2012

After work

The summer season is about to start! There are more spanish words that comes to my mind right now. The result is that there is no language I can speak...

Zumba on the beach

Zumba is my new discovery. The music is very dynamic, I am able (more less) to follow the steps, it’s almost as if I was dancing and it has a...

18th May 2012
birthday party

Castellfornia B-day Parties

There is this custom in my 4-year old son’s class, that whenever one of the kids have birthdays, they invite the whole class to attend. That makes a lot of...

05th Dec 2011
How difficult it is to find a job in Spain

How difficult it is to find a job in Spain

I left my last job as a AP Junior Manager for a really big company. I liked my job and I was good at it. It was challenging, I learned...

10th Nov 2011

Empty flats in Castelldefels

What really amazes me is the stubbornness of property owners in Castelldefels. They don’t negotiate with you in the moment of renting the flat. You take it or not, it...

04th Nov 2011
Incredible things happen when you fly with Swiss

Incredible things happen when you fly with Swiss

I did the stupid thing. I lost my Iphone. It’s not that someone stole it from me. That would be so much easier to understand. I lost it! I left...

10th Oct 2011

Espectaculo Travesia Música de Capoeira – Castelldefels Theater

Thanks to the Castelldefels newsletter I subscribed some time ago I was lucky to know about the concert of Capoeira Music from Brasil. As usual I thought I would have...

10th Oct 2011

Not an ordinary evening out to the cinema

I thought it could be a bit sad going alone to the cinema on Saturday night. But actually it was quite all right and I enjoyed it very much. Especially...

25th Sep 2011
moment of relax

September Sunday Afternoon

The weather is still great. Uff what a relief. I went for a bike ride to the beach today. Just to have some time off (the family). After a short...

21st Sep 2011

Coffee break

What is it with calling people at 23.00, I wonder. There is a strict Spanish rule, that nobody should disturb when Spanish people eat their meal. You should not look...

20th Sep 2011

The assets of Cataluna

Apart from the artworks of Gaudi, Miro or Dali the best product of Cataluna for me is ICAT FM The radio I personally love. They have a really bad website http://www.icatfm.cat/...

The heat, the wind and the rest

It is the first day when the weather has changed. It was actually cold that night. Till today we were sleeping under the sheet only and tonight I had to...

It’s all about Barcelona, isn’t it?

We are living in the shadow of fantastic Barcelona. But who cares?! There are so many things that pisses you off when you live in a big city eg. traffic,...