17th Aug 2011
car accident

Shit happens

Here is what I saw today. Hope nobody was hurt. It is one of the crossroads that I don’t like much either. I wonder if that was the mossos (...

15th Aug 2011

My spanish treasures

I found these olives in Mercadona. These are the best ever made olives as far as I’m concerned. It costs about 1,70 eur and I would pay a lot more....

15th Aug 2011
sugar fiesta - bottle and glass small

Private Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta

The best thing you can do about planning party tonight is not thinking about tomorrow, it may ruin the whole fun. You can always go to sleep but it may...

Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta

Spanish people know how to have fun. Everybody is talking about the crisis and lack of work. It was nowhere to be seen during Castelldefels Fiesta this year. What I...

Holiday time – a trip to Port Aventura

Another example how spanish people do same things at the same time and how useful it could be. Yesterday we went to Port Aventura – the biggest attraction park in...

03rd Aug 2011
yoga on the beach

Another dream came trough

It did.  Since the first time I saw yoga on YOGA ZONE series where they sat on a beautiful beach of Jamaica doing yoga, I decided that this is something...

02nd Aug 2011
It’s not only me

It’s not only me

It appears that it is not just me that felt lonely after coming to the ‘paradise’.  I happened to speak (in a swimming pool) with my neighbour, a very nice...

01st Aug 2011

Siesta and all that staff

Spain is different. Spanish people are different. This culture is different, more than I imagined. But different does not mean worse. At least not to me. I learn a lot....

01st Aug 2011

Agosto – cerrado por vacaciones

And it has just started. The hottest and the most quiet of all months in Spain. It’s the month where daddies take kids to the park, the month of holidays(that...