19th Sep 2013
Kitesurfing paradise

Kitesurfing Paradise

26th Jul 2013

Fish ‘n’ Max

Photo by Dominika Wojcik-Mirska

15th Jul 2013
Castelldefels Beach

After the rain

08th Jul 2013
barcelona window

Barcelona window


01st Jul 2013

Touching the sky

26th Jun 2013
comida de la playa

Comida de la playa

17th Jun 2013
10a Concentracion Furgo Volkswagen, Junio 2013 Sant Pere Pescador

VW Angels

11th Jun 2013

Life happens around here

03rd Jun 2013
Lunch Break

Lunch Break 2012


27th May 2013
Foot prints

Foot Prints

17th Jan 2013
witner beach

Castelldefels winter beach

Different colours of my favourite beach. I think it is really more beautiful in the winter time, but the atmosphere is definitely better in the summer. Whatever time of the...

05th Dec 2011
Autumn leaves

Autumn in Spain

29th Sep 2011

On the edge

I took this photo while visiting the castle on Montjuic. It was really really high on the other side of the wall. The gentlemen didn’t know I was photographing him...