28th Jan 2014
The best place to die

Bungee jumping – adventure in New Zealand

Trying to find something inpirational for you, I remebered our trip to New Zealand and the jump my husband did there that I am still impressed with. He experienced bungee...

03rd Oct 2013
masai on zanzibar

Zanzibar island – the mixture of cultures and spices

Zanzibar island surprised me in many ways. I was expecting beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise water, black people and exotic spices.  The island although small, has much more...

Air Asia big sale – million FREE SEATS

Air Asia 1 million FREE SEATS sale is back! Fly to exciting destinations across Asia and Australia! This is info Ii just found on Air Asia facebook profile. Sales period:...

12th Sep 2013
Let's go to the beach girls!

Zanzibar stories – The cool life of Jambiani cows

Everything in Zanzibar is exotic. The air, the plants, the ocean – the most incredible thing is that even the cows take the most of living on such a beautiful...

01st Sep 2013
zanzibar spice farm

Zanzibar spice tour – the “spicy” experience

Zanzibar spice tour is a typical must do thing while visiting Zanzibar. We took the chance and did not regret it. As everything in Africa: the flowers, fruits, spices and...

30th Jul 2013
Watching the Savannah Life

Heaven over African Savannah

What I want to describe here is my personal safari experience, however it is not about animals or views or nature itself but about what I felt while being on...

21st Jul 2013
New Zealand Beach

My personal beach ranking

I am a beach type of person. I live next to one and I love it, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have seen a lot of beautiful beaches in my life....

25th Jun 2013
The beauty of Ibiza

How Ibiza can spice up your relationship

Ibiza – review from our romantic weekend trip Sometimes long time relationship needs some help to fire again, needs some spicing to keep it burning. There is nothing better to...

26th Feb 2013
Red Rocket

Incredible Cuba

The three of us live in Spain, Castelldefels. That is already exotic for “not so regular” polish family. And we love travelling. We have visited a lot here in Catalonia...

30th Aug 2012
Portobello Market Snack

London – my love

I love London, I always will. For the atmosphere, for the bridges, for Soho, for all of the parks, British people, for tolerance, for great parties, for diversity of people...