Barcelona Museum with chocolate flavour

There is nothing better then a cup of hot and aromatic chocolate, when the weather is changing for worse, the days are short and cold, it  starts to rain and you really don’t feel like going out. One rainy day we decided to lift our spirits by visiting Chocolate Museum in Barcelona.

What are the highlights of the visit in Chocolate Museum?

From the very first moment when you enter the door, you exactly know what is the main subject of this museum. It is filled with aromatic chocolate and cocoa flavour. This museum will guide you trough the origins of chocolate, its arrival and its spread around Europe. You will also find out its medicinal properties and nutritional value. Apart from the usual visiting there are many activities for kids, groups and adults – workshops, educational, tasting, guided tours and lectures.

We did not participate but saw through the glass window workshop participants, that were learning how to make the chocolate delights and it looked really entertaining.  Check out the list and book one for yourself if you are interested.

The list of the activities can be found here . They need to be booked in advance!

The regular visit takes around 1 hour. It’s not big but definitely worth the money (5 EUR, free under 7, free on the first Monday of every month) as along with the ticket you get free chocolate bar!

You cannot leave the museum without tasting a cup of this magical drink. It is delicious!

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate


What can you built with Chocolate?

In this unique museum we found out anything can be built with chocolate. And we loved it!

chocolate museum -tomandjerry

Tom and Jerry

chocolate museum -chocolate train

Train station

chocolate museum -lamancha

La Mancha de Cervantes


Jazz Band



Barcelona Muesu de la Xocolata is located at Carrer Comerç, 36, close to Estacion de Franca and Ciutadella Park.
The opening hours are: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm and from 10am to 3pm on Sundays and public holidaysThe official website in English :


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