Coffee break

What is it with calling people at 23.00, I wonder.

There is a strict Spanish rule, that nobody should disturb when Spanish people eat their meal. You should not look at their plate to check what they are eating either (in a bar or restaurant) as this is very rude. However it is not bad at all to call someone at night. How strange is that. I put an ad on the segundamano website to sellĀ  the mattress. The guy called me at 23.45. I was quite surprised and half asleep while talking to him. He said sorry but still….

My Spanish teacher Sandra summed it up: We just care much more about the eating rather than sleeping. And that is probably it. For this reason a person sipping coffee from the take away cup on the street is a very rare view. Usually there is no take away coffee in most of the cafeterias. And I actually like the idea that you need to stop and have a moment of pleasure to drink your coffee, and forget about the rush.

My coffee break spain

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