Delta Ebro – a different type of coast

Visiting Dela Ebro will quickly help you forget about Costa Brava. Here, the time has stopped. It is totally different from the rest of the coast. It is the place where you can find rice fields and huge warehouses for vegetables and fruits. The landscape is not that picturesque as it is up north. I went to see it in March, actually I went there with my husband who was looking for the wind on the famous beach to do his beloved kitesurfing. And luckily for him he found it J Perfect wind in the kitesurfing paradise with no waves but static strong wind.

The place is quite unusual, there is only road and beaches on both side of the street and the rest is the sea.. and wind. Actually this is all – the beach does not recall any of the Costa Brava beaches, full of tourist, hotels, facilities, people selling shitty staff. It was almost empty with only few cars of crazy kitesurfers. There was not even toilet there with little bushes to hide in, while looking for isolated place. In my opinion, the lack of toilet is better than thousand of tourist and their constant noise.

For lunch we went to the small beach side town called Sant Carles de la Rapita, where we chose one of the restaurants on the Paseo Maritimo, and it happened to be a very good one. We went for Tapas, giving up the menu del dia this time and it was a very good choice. We had fantastic and fresh seafood. Later I found out from the guide that Delta Ebro is famous for its fresh fish and is the third one fishing place in Cataluna.

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