Discount offers and my moments of relax

The idea of discount deals got spread in Spain really quickly(because of the crisis, of course). I started to look at these kind of websites about 2 years ago, and I can see how fast they are growing, more cities are added with daily offers and it is more and more popular.
I got myself:
1. A beginner photography course (in a professional school, really good one)
2. Yoga classes in Barcelona in a very nice place (good price)
3. 2 40×60 photo framing – good price and good quality

But most of all, I use it to find some SPA treatment that I would probably never got otherwise.
It started to be my regular habit to check the websites like:;;
I definitely like the first one most because I can find offers for Castelldefels there which makes things very easy for me.
I got used to find 30 euro deals for 30-40 minutes massage with free access to SPA (swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna) for up to 2 hours.
I hunt for the offer, always check the place on other websites before buying it (this is for not to get an ‘interesting SPA experience’ as we used to call it with my girlfriends), ask couple of my friends if they want to join, then buy it.

We plan it in advance (the coupons usually have 6 months to use it) and then we make it a perfect day out to relax, talk, have a nice lunch with no men and no kids around. One of the nicest experience we got was at Iradier – posh Day SPA club only for women in Barcelona.

Iradier building

The membership fee is out of our reach, but thanks to discount offers for 35 euro, each of us got: chocolate body treatment followed by a soft massage and access to jacuzzi, sauna and what we found as the best part – chill out room.

Iradier Swimmingpool

After all that relax we went to the restaurant for lunch in the sun. First time our friend was banned to enter the restaurant for inappropriate clothes hahaha. The choices were limited but the food was great. This time we went for sausages served in a posh way :)

spa sausages

Cannot wait for the next one!

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