Easy come and easy go

It’s been a year and 2 months now since I started my horrible job. DreamworkIt was really high time to give it up. I am sitting in the sun right now , enjoying the first days of really nice weather this spring, instead of posting hundreds of stupid invoices, payments and answering questions from people who have no idea about their work Ufffff… I am so happy to be free again. Of course I have the plan, and the dreams that this time I am going to make them trough. It is quite simple, and popular I would guess – I want to get independent!! I don’t want to work for any big company anymore, sitting at the desk in front of the PC all day long, no matter if there is anything to do or not. I guess that means I really am getting older, or rather mature and finally clever – I definitely like the latter better.
Most of my friends that are already 30 are desperately looking for plan B, knowing exactly what they have achieved and what they still can and cannot achieve working for THESE companies. We all have realized that none of us is irreplaceable and everybody is nice till you are getting the money to the company and in case of any lower performance (for whatever reason) you get your ass kicked without saying ‘goodbye’ or not to mention ‘thank you’.

So let’s start working on our dreams!!

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