El Montseny – the perfect summer gateway

Inspired by the summer heat and my new friend Edyta, I decided to describe the place that we discovered last year, while trying to hide from the heat. It’s called el Parque Natural del Montseny.

Many local people were telling us, Montseny is a beautiful place, worth visiting anytime of the year. Considering 30C heat and the fact we were a bit tired with the beach and all the summer crowds, we decided to try to get away from it and find something green to look at.

After a series of complicated research I found the exact place to go. I did not expect much because the website was a bit poor in my opinion in explaining the details of the place as well as giving directions.
I chose to visit Panta de Santa Fe. We took the directions, packed the picnic and started our trip.

The curious part of this travel was that we were going on a very curvy road that was taking us straight to the top of the mountain. I was watching the temperature and how it was changing. Every 2 minutes, the temperature was dropping by one degree. Starting with 32 at the bottom of the mountain we got to 19C at the top. That was exactly what we needed!

the road to ...?

The road to …?

On the way we were stopping from time to time to take the photo, but all we saw was this…

The view

The (no)view

We found the parking place in the forest and took very serious decision to start our excursion with the coffee in a quiet and beautiful house/mini castle/hotel/restaurant.


I wish I remembered the name of this place

Happy and full of energy we immerse into the woods.
It was great to breath completely different air. It was such a relief not to feel the heat for a moment. It was fantastic to admire the nature.

El Montseny experience

El Montseny experience

After 20 minutes walk we got to the beautiful lake in the middle of the forest. There were hardly any people there. It was difficult to believe how empty the place was. I guess they all chose the beach that Saturday :)

The big surprise on top of the mountain

The big surprise on top of the mountain

 I did not expect to see that, as I was not really sure where we were actually going with this poor directions that I was able to find. Anyway we loved what we found as the place was perfect to make the picnic and have a short siesta.

The murmuring stream

The murmuring stream

Happy and refreshed we went back to the car as it was getting really cold (!)

When we arrived to Castelldefels it was still 27C outside.

The Montseny Park is around 1 hour 30 min drive from Barcelona. The easiest way to get there is by car. There are some buses but they operate very rarely.
I recommend taking trekking shoes and long sleeves even if it’s very hot in Barcelona.
It is good to check the map and possible routes before the trip. Here is the link to official website with detailed maps that were too difficult for me to use.  However the website is in English and it is helpful in planning the walk.


the map

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