Empty flats in Castelldefels

What really amazes me is the stubbornness of property owners in Castelldefels. They don’t negotiate with you in the moment of renting the flat. You take it or not, it is up to you,They are not going to lower the price even a bit. They don’t even WANT to talk. Just NO and that’s it. I find it very rude. The funny thing is that some of the flats we visited and spoke with the owners about the price that they of course did not want to change, I saw on the market unrented for 10 months or even more, huh.  Can anyone help me understand it? Is it really better keep empty flat for months instead of lowering the rent for 50 Eur? I heard in Barcelona it’s the same. Is it again a part of the culture that nobody cares about the client in this country? It’s the customer that needs to try to gain attention of the seller (sic!). Is it the last country on earth that works this way? Maybe only foreigners cannot do that… or it is disturbing only for foreigners. Hmmm, I need to verify this….

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