Espectaculo Travesia Música de Capoeira – Castelldefels Theater

Thanks to the Castelldefels newsletter I subscribed some time ago I was lucky to know about the concert of Capoeira Music from Brasil. As usual I thought I would have to go alone, but I decided to ask my Brazilian girlfriend Manoela to come with me. Eventually we went, just the two of us happy to be alone, with no kids around (actually for the first time since we met).

The lady in red came out to the stage, greeted us and the music begun. The played on the traditional brazilian instruments like agogô, berimbao, she sang in brazilian portuguese that I absolutely adore, although cannot speak at all. There was also a short demonstration of capoeira and maculele (similar but with sticks). At the beginning of the concert I though I was in the philharmonic listening to the Chopin as the people were just siting in silence, not moving, contemplating. After about 30 min, some started to clap their hands, some move a bit and the atmosphere has changed. The end was really noisy and vivid. When the lights were up again, to my surprise I noticed, 70% of the audience was around 60ies. Also what was interesting the lady in red that was singing was from Valencia(!). She sang very well, even according to my Brazilian friend.

It’s a pity an event like this was not advertised all over the city. The tickets cost 3 EUR, that’s a bargain for 1 hour of a really good entertainment and I am not sure if there was half of the audience.

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