Feeling sexy in Barcelona

There is something about Barcelona that makes women feel really sexy. I can openly say it made me change a lot since I am here and I was a witness of that kind of changes in case of many of my girlfriends.

Of course I can write about it only from my personal perspective and here  I need  to add, I am polish, not single for a long time, and thirty something. But I guess a lot of my female friends would agree with me.
I am not saying it is easy to find a boyfriend material here in Barcelona, because actually it is probably harder than in any other place, but, living here or coming for holidays can really positively influence the  way you think about yourself. Till now, I noticed only the changes for better.

Feeling sexy in BarcelonaThe thing is Polish women ARE beautiful. Slim, well dressed, good-looking and always elegant.
Because of that, it is hard for an ‘average’ polish girl to feel special, in my country. That changes immediately when going abroad. I had the luck to live in London for a year. I was constantly feeling like a supermodel there. It was not only about me being beautiful but I was appreciated for being smart and intelligent as well. My confidence did increase a lot back then. The bigger was the shock when I came back to Poland. Again I was one of the millions.
I started to work for a big company, got promoted, had a baby and became a manager. I was happy with my professional and family life but felt totally unattractive At that moment of my life we decided to move to Spain. I left my ‘serious’ job, change the wardrobe to summer/surfer style and started totally different life.

The truth is women are vain, well all of us are. Some less, some more but still we all need to feel attractive and desired from time to time.

After arrival to Castellfornia I noticed the change immediately. Even when I was walking with the pram I felt I was being watched and admired. Yes! As strange as it sounds it was very surprising for me.
It is not true that in Spain all the people have dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin. Totally not true. Any type of beauty can be found. However the ‘blue eyes, blond hair’ type is still considered as exotic.

The other thing is the way Spanish women dress. The style here is very very casual comparing to polish standards. I personally love it. Lots of tattoos, tanned skin, dark long hair, and baggy trousers. Perhaps it’s not appropriate for every occasion but for going shopping or with your kids to the park, why not?! Unlike in Poland, where girls when going shopping they wear the best clothes and high heels.. uffff. Something I will never be capable of.
I am guessing the ‘exotic’ blond look and different way of dressing has the influence on me and other polish girls being so desired by men here.

Polish blond and beautiful girls in Barcelona

Polish, blond and beautiful

And of course there is nothing better than going out at night in Barcelona to get more confidence and self-esteem. As I said before, it is not easy to find a boyfriend material here, I guess because of the character of the city itself, BUT as long as you want to have fun, surrounded by men that will make you feel desired and beautiful, definitely you SHOULD come to Barcelona.

Girls night out in Barcelona

Girls night out

I will finish today’s cultural reflections with a real life example.

My school time girlfriend and her boyfriend were visiting me just few days ago. I really wish I had the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo of her! She went trough an interesting transformation during 5 days of stay.
I pick her up and her boyfriend from the airport and when I saw her there, wearing very elegant but totally inappropriate for Castellfornia clothes, I thought.. this is going to be a difficult one;)
After we went home, ate, relaxed on the terrace,  I suggested going out to Barcelona. They politely said, they were tired and wanted to sleep, nothing more. However after few JD and coke the moods totally changed and at 2AM(!!) we decided to experience Castelldefels night life.
For me, one of the fun parts of going out is preparation. So I took my friend to the wardrobe, asked if she had any clothes other than the ‘office’ ones. Apparently she didn’t. But I did :) I made her wear mini skirt and high hills in which she looked totally stunning. She was refusing to wear those but her boyfriend came to save the look and after few more compliments we were ready to leave. She was surprised that going out actually needed all the dressing up. In Poland girls that really dress up to go out are often ‘considered’ slutty(!). We went dancing and again my friend was surprised why so many men are trying to hit on her, 2 second after her boyfriend disappeared in bathroom. We really had a good time that night.
In the morning while preparing to go to the beach, she asked me if she could borrow the mini skirt.
‘Victory!!’ I thought.
When we went shopping, she bought a pair of tight red, sexy trousers and matching spikes. I was so proud of her.
They left totally relaxed after 5 days, with my girlfriend feeling sexy and beautiful.
Another one saved, I thought.

I just really hate when women are constantly looking for what is wrong with them, worrying about non-existent defects. While 95% is absolutely gorgeous and sexy. They just need to stop thinking about it and start enjoying their lives, before it’s too late. There is no time to waste as it’s not going to last for ever!



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