Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta

Spanish people know how to have fun. Everybody is talking about the crisis and lack of work. It was nowhere to be seen during Castelldefels Fiesta this year.
What I love about them too is the way theY care about the kids, and do a lot so the kids can have fun wherever they are (even if it’s a police station). This year part of the City Fiesta was playing with water on the main Plaza Iglesia of Castelldefels. They set the water slides, small pools filled with water, and give out water guns, all that with loud music in hot weather. Kids paradise! My son was in heaven. Although the water was totally dirty after few slides but who cares about that! At the end, there was also the water war where everybody had to be wet, not only children. All that for free of course. It was fun. And as always amazed me.
I did not attend many other attractions during Fiesta Mayor, but from what I read, and heard – it was constant fun for 4 days.

Water War on Plaza Iglesia

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