Friday in Castelldefels

Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing – what kind of surfing would you like?

I tried it all.

Windsurfing was not really difficult to learn the basics. It took me few hours and I was able to keep myself on board without falling into the water every few seconds. It needs some strength as well. The most difficult for me was to make the turn. Eventually I did not feel fascinated by this sport, perhaps because I gave it up too quickly. There are schools of Windsurfing in Castelldefels but I would think with waves it is quite difficult.

Kitesurfing is quite a challenge. At least to me it was. Castelldefels is kitesurfing paradaise, when it is actually windy. That is most of the year. The wind needs to have the specific direction – from the sea. In other case, even the craziest kitesurfer will not risk being taken away with his kite, to the open sea. I took the full course, paid 250 euros for 10 hours in total including the equipment. Birthday present from my husband. So it did not really matter if I wanted it or not, I just got it. When I think of it now, I don’t know if it was me or my teacher’s fault that I end up having horrible experience with kite. Perhaps it was him not giving me the right attention as he did to all other girls at the beach that weren’t married, or maybe coordinating the huge kite, the wind, the bar was just too much for me. It is kind of like driving a car: you need to hold the wheel, use break, change gears, look at the mirrors and watch out on the pedestrians, other cars, and road signs. That is a lot to handle at the same moment. If you don’t have a good instructor or you are just missing this driver instinct it takes you a loooot to finally get it. So I finished my kite experience hurting myself badly during my first attempt in the water. I gave it up shortly after. Although I still love to watch them, now when I understand how it works (more less), especially when the wind is warm.

Kitesurfing in Delta Ebro

Kitesurfing in Delta Ebro

Wakeboarding is my family new discovery. My kitesurfing addicted husband was looking for some alternative when there is no wind and he found it – 0n Castelldefels Olimpic Channel, recently opened cable park   Again I was given my birthday present and full of doubts I want to try my wake boarding class one Friday morning. It started on the small cable for half an hour, just to get to know how it really works and then to the big (and fast) one. I was ready for my humiliation but to my surprise I was able not only to start but also to do TWO full circuits. I am so proud of myself. It is finally the water sport, that I may actually enjoy. The biggest fear (apart from total humiliation) was that I was going to freeze in the cold water, and actually the water was really nice and I did not think about it for even a minute. My focus was somewhere else.

Wakeboarding - Olímpic Cable Park Barcelona

Castelldefels Cable Park

Rixen, water lift, wakeboarding cable castelldefels

Water Lift



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