Holiday time – a trip to Port Aventura

Another example how spanish people do same things at the same time and how useful it could be.

Yesterday we went to Port Aventura – the biggest attraction park in Cataluna. PortAventura ParkRoads were very busy, with heavy traffic, that was quite surprising to us, as because there are so many of alternative routes we don’t usually experience that. Well, it is August so everyone wants to get out of the city. We got to the park and first we were surprised with the parking fare (7,5 EUR) that we had to pay, where the tickets are over 40 EUR each. That is like we were supposed to pay for the toilet in the restaurant.. :( We got in, and it was about 1 PM. We climbed to first attractions designed especially for kids, and 30 min later there were less and less people every minute. From 2 till 5 there were no queues, everything was easy to access we took a lot of cool rides, repeating the best ones. The siesta time or ‘la hora de comer’ appeared to be useful this time. Again it happened around 8pm when all the kids at one of the playgrounds started to shout ‘ nos vamos, es la hora de comer’ and within few minutes the place was almost empty.

On the way back.. I felt hungry as  always. My understanding husband found a McDonald’s so I could buy something. It was about 10 PM. It was the busiest Macdonald I have ever seen. Full of young people and families with children, playing, screaming and eating – at 10 PM! It was Friday evening but come on..  I gave up eventually and we found a nice kebab place where there was a queue also but those guys work really fast, so in 10 minutes I had a huge Durum that we shared with Pawel and were quite happy about it.

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