How difficult it is to find a job in Spain

I left my last job as a AP Junior Manager for a really big company. I liked my job and I was good at it. It was challenging, I learned a lot every day and I was satisfied (most of the time) with results of my work. But I left it for Barcelona (Spanish and the beach). After a 1,5 year of not working I finally decided to come back to the world of working class. I heard from all over my, there is no job, people are being fired, no indefinite contracts are given… well it is true. My experience shows though, that the companies are overusing the word ‘crisis’. They just use it when it’s convenient for them. So I imagine, they fire some people and make other people work harder. What a great excuse to improve productivity and cost cutting. Those who are fired usually get paid by the government so they are not really desperate to find a new job. apparently they are paid well enough. How long that can take though… the companies are saving and the state is not.. who is going to pay for that?? Probably those who are still working (twice as hard). How ironic is that…

Anyway, having all that in mind I started to look and I did found some interesting offers. I sent altogether 7-8 CV and went for interviews to 4 of them. I would say it’s not bad, considering non of them was a waiting/cleaning job interview, but more related to my professional experience, the whole process took me about 3 weeks, and I did not applied for spanish speaking jobs. After 2 meetings I realized that it is not possible to leave the job before 5 or 5.30. Some you finish even at 6.30 which amazes or rather pisses me off. If I leave at 9 and come back around 6.30-7pm home, will my son consider me as a family or just someone visiting his house? By the way, he goes to sleep about 8 – 8.30. Come on.. . there is no mercy for working mothers in this country.

Finally I was offered a job that is way below my skills and experience but they pay quite well with extra benefits, like private health care and so on… and let me leave the job in time to pick my son from school at 5. That means I will start all over again, but for reasonably good money and with a feeling of still being someone’s mother – which is an additional benefit to me.

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