How Ibiza can spice up your relationship

Ibiza – review from our romantic weekend trip

Sometimes long time relationship needs some help to fire again, needs some spicing to keep it burning. There is nothing better to make your relationship hot again as going to Ibiza.

I have always had really bad opinion about the island. Thought it was full of red faced (from alcohol and the sun) German and English tourists. Never wanted to go there. I was afraid of being in the middle of a beach/club surrounded by noisy shit faced tourists. Ugh.. horrible.

And then suddenly I changed my mind. I saw a television programme in Spanish TV called – Callejeros Viajeros about Ibiza. It is one of the best documentary series I have seen on Spanish TV by the way. You can see them online here.
I was surprised to see the beauty of the island so I quickly checked Ryanair and booked two tickets.
I think it was the best weekend I have ever spent with my husband. I have no doubts he would agree with me on that one. However, many details about it, I should rather keep a secret between me and him.

The beauty of Ibiza

The beauty of Ibiza

The best way to visit it is by scooter of course. It’s cheap, you drive and park wherever you want, you drink one or two cervezas, it’s romantic and crazy. It’s just great.

Ibiza scuter - El casco Ibiza - Scooter Ride Ibiza beaches - On the edge


We travelled around the island stopping to:

 Admire the views of the coast

Ibiza beaches - Admiring the views

Sit on the edge of the cliff

Ibiza beaches - sitting on the cliff

Do Yoga on the rocks

Ibiza beaches - yoga on the rocks2

Eat delicious food

Ibiza beaches - italian-argentinian food

Have a cocktail (me not the driver) in the beach chill out bar

Ibiza beaches - beach barAnd swim in the quiet bay

Ibiza beaches - Ibiza swimming

And the least but not last, we went out at night of course. That’s what Ibiza is famous for, and it was obvious to me why is like that.

There are many clubs to choose from. Most of them have really good DJs and that is the good part. The bad is that to enter the most famous ones you have to pay 50 EUR EACH! And then inside the bottle of water costs 10 EUR. So prepare to spend a looot when going to Ibiza, but in my case all of it was worth it.

The only thing I would not recommend is going to the famous beaches. They are awfully crowded and comparing to all of those we seen while travelling on scooter, they are just not worth it.
The other advise is that you should not leave your boyfriend alone for a second. Plenty of other boys will come around immediately to make a pass at him, no matter if it’s on the street, at the hotel pool or at the club. The danger is everywhere.

I would sum up Ibiza with the following words: fun, sexy and beautiful.

Does it sound convincing enough for you?

 Ibiza beaches - Ibiza



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2 Responses to “How Ibiza can spice up your relationship

  • hmmmm spicy!!!!!!!!!!!! more details more details more details :) )))

  • I think Ibiza is wonderful! :) I love it and I love this calm and peaceful side of the island, without noises or overcrowding. Every summer my husband and I rent an apartment there, near Santa Eulària des Riu.

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