Incredible things happen when you fly with Swiss

I did the stupid thing. I lost my Iphone. It’s not that someone stole it from me. That would be so much easier to understand. I lost it! I left it on the plane while travelling from Zurich to Barcelona. Of course I could blame my son, whom I needed to dress and look after while living the plane… but still… How silly of me …  I realized that I don’t have it when I got home. A lot of things went trough my mind, and one of them really was.. how my life it’s gonna be now without Iphone :) Then I though.. uff I will definitely have more time now.

I decided to call the airlines (Swiss) and hopelessly told my story. The lady put me trough with ‘Lost and Found Office’ at the Barcelona airport. A nice girl listened to me carefully and said ‘ we find them sometimes, you know’. I really wanted to believe her. She said she would call me anyway (if found or not) after contacting the Swiss crew of the plane. An hour later she called and said ‘ Guess what, I have your Iphone!’  Well, it is hard to comment that. I went to the airport to pick it up. She explained that the Swiss cleaning staff found it and bring it to her. Thank you, whoever you are! I owe you :)

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  • nieźle! jednak uczciwi ludzie istnieją:-)

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