It’s all about Barcelona, isn’t it?

We are living in the shadow of fantastic Barcelona. But who cares?!
There are so many things that pisses you off when you live in a big city eg. traffic, pollution, no parking places etc. I live far enough not to have these problems and close enough to enjoy Barcelona whenever I feel like and for whatever reason. Could be for work, or for pleasure, for dentist visit or yoga classes. It is always close enough. Recently I met some women in Barcelona on the playground next to the Barcelona Sants station. Not a very pleasant area, at least not to me. But there is this incredible park next to the station that my son and I happens to like a lot, for different reasons. He loves the incredible sculpture that is also a slide, a very huge one, and I love the fountains and the whole design of the park. Anyway when I said to her I live in Castelldefels the first reaction was : Oh, it’s quite far, isn’t it. Well I do not think it is far. It takes 25 minutes to get to Sants, the train lives every 10/15 minutes and it take me 5 minutes on foot to get to the train station. So, NO, it is not that far. At least from my previous experience of living in London or Cracow, where 1 hour to work is quite normal and you still live in the same city. That’s why I am a great fan of Castelldefels. And I live in a flat with the community area with the swimming pool, 15 minutes on foot from the beach. How much this luxury would cost in Barcelona?

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