It’s not only me

It appears that it is not just me that felt lonely after coming to the ‘paradise’.  I happened to speak (in a swimming pool) with my neighbour, a very nice middle age woman. She told me her story… She came here (to Barcelona) from Germany when she was thirty something with a small kid, not knowing the language or anything about the culture really. She said to me: I know how you feel, I went trough the same thing.  They lived in Barcelona in that time, she missed her family, she was all day long with the baby, feeling lost and lonely, and the summer in Barcelona is not that wonderful, heat and the big city does not make a nice mixture. So yes, the decision about choosing Castelldefels seems to be right. And actually, I never regretted it, although we had some options to choose from before we moved here.

Castelldefels Rocks!!
What is fantastic about this town for me? I admire how everything was planned here. There is a place to park the car, thare are places to play with the kids, schools there are parks, there is really nice river with fish, ducks and turtles, hills in Parc Garaff, great for hiking, and of course, wide and beautiful beach. It is easy to get to Barcelona, as the train goes every 15 minutes. There are two highways that go north and south. This place is not chaotic at all, as most places I know from my country. In Poland they have probably never heard of such planning. That makes our lives sooo much easier.

But in the past, it didn’t.
As I found out, it was not like that before. On Paseo Maritimo, big trucks were going up and down all day long. People that used to live close to the beach, did not really see the beach because of the traffic. She said there were no green areas (well if you can call that green hehe) and the city was dirtier. Now I can clearly hear the dustcurt every single day passing by my bedroom window. And the cleaning cars.. They have like five types of cars and machines for cleaning the streets, lawns, drying the streets and I don’t have no idea for what else. They are quite noisy too. But it is kind of the spanish(Catalonian) fetish to me. Cleaning cars and machines.

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