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Salsa Dancing - I love CubaI called it “live salsa dancing “because it was the first time we actually went out to dance salsa away from training room. That was a surprising night for few reasons. I discovered, that usually totally dead (but very beautiful) part of Castelldefels beach – Port Ginesta, is actually quite lively on Friday and Saturday night. The places open around 12 AM and the party begins. This time we went for a concert advertised by out salsa teacher. It looked like a real cuban band to me, playing really energetic cuban salsa. To the point it was really hard not to dance. And that was the second surprise for me that evening. It appeared that my clever husband can learn just by watching. We danced a lot, but at the same time he was observing more advanced couples (that is all around us) and tried to use some of their tricks during dancing with me. Ufff.. that was challenging but fun. After I stopped being stressed about how I look on the dancefloor (the only girl in the place not wearing tight, too small dress and superhigh hills) and how little we still know about salsa, forgot about the professionals dancing around us – and I flooded. I danced, I let myself be led by my partner and it gave me lots of fun. I think at this moment I went up for at least one level.


The salsa music was perfect and the atmosphere were great too, I had a really good partner to dance = perfect night out for me.

What I noticed an interesting thing on this kind of parties (where people come specifically to dance). There are no queues in girl’s bathrooms and people drink really little (not a good for salsa business). The more you drink the worse you dance. That is a simple rule. So those who actually drink are those who cannot dance, or they are too shy to go on the floor. Drinking will not help, I tried. You either go and dance or you end up in staring all night at people having fun.

That night we chose the first one and it was the best decision ever.

 Salsa Dancing - fiesta blaca in Salsafels small

There are salsa dancing parties every day in Barcelona. We go out to dance more and more often!!!


If you are around Castelldefels and want to dance salsa following links may be useful.

Sample Salsa clubs around Castelldefels:

  • La Suite - Castelldefels – Salsa every Friday from 00:00 to 3:00 AM (in summer time they may start later at 00:30)
  • Solcafe – Gava – Salsa every Thursday
  • Salsafels – Castelldefels – Salsa every Friday and Saturday (Friday could be less people due to La Suite party)

Salsa clubs in Barcelona:

In general there are no entry fees (except La Suite after 2 am), but you shall expect to spend minimal 5€ on drinks in every club.

Enjoy Salsa, Enjoy dancing!

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