London – my love

Portobello Market SnackI love London, I always will. For the atmosphere, for the bridges, for Soho, for all of the parks, British people, for tolerance, for great parties, for diversity of people and for opportunities. I feel ‘homesick’ if I am not there at least once a year. It’s my town. I lived there for one fantastic year. I met the city and great people. The most important thing I learned there is that the world is in my hands, and I can go anywhere, wherever I want. I would never imagine it is possible for me to see Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong, Sydney Opera House or Habana Vieja if not my London adventure.

So after a short break due to the fact we had a baby and we forgot about London for some time I finally came back to see my city. It is still there, same as I left it. I saw all my favourite places again, such as: Killburn High Road with cheap shops with books and second-hand clothes, West End to walk around, romantic as always Waterloo Bridge by night, Notting Hill with busy and full of exotic smells Portobello Market and going for Laksa Soup in my favourite in the whole world Chinese Bar.

Best Food in London

Best Food in London



I can’t wait to be back again!

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