Magic Sagrada Familia

What is it about this church that makes you pay 12.50 EUR and stare at it, in and out for long hours. During my mother’s visit I was finally able to get inside of Sagrada Familia. I tried few times before, but seeing the queue for hundreds of meters eventually I always gave up. This time we went around 6.30 pm and we entered with no queue at all. At what was the most important there were really few people inside. Actually we were the last to go, so I was on my own with my mother for a moment inside of the church. It is a mystique place. Hard to describe. Hard to take a photo that would show the magic and majesty of it. I was stunned. We were lucky to be inside while the light outside was changing, from the daylight to sunset and then darkness. Each time the inside of the church looked different. It is quite basic inside. With not many decoration, paintings or sculpture. But this is the perfectness of it. THe contrast with the outside that is so rich.

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