Miró and his colours


Miro’s work

I finally when to see the Miro museum in Montjuic. It wasn’t easy to enjoy the art as my 4 year old son was with me so I had to entertain him all the time. But it’s better like this than if I didn’t go at all.
What struck me from the beginnig was that his paintigs lose a lot in the big white museum’s rooms. They look like paintintgs of a silly kid that likes to play with colours. But if I put one of his paintings in my orydinary living room it would change in the magnificient piece of art as well as my house would look like million dollars. That’s what I think.
I am not really an expert in Miro’s work or surrealism. I think that it would be so much better if I knew more about his work before going there. It all makes more sense if you know some background. I liked the corner with computers where you can find out more about each painting , his life, his experiences and so much more. It all described very nicely so anyone can understand it (that was also the best part for my son). It would be good to spend 2 hours wandering and listening to miro’ s stories not just 45 min running after my kid. This place is on my list to come back.

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