My personal beach ranking

I am a beach type of person. I live next to one and I love it, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have seen a lot of beautiful beaches in my life. Wherever I travel, I look for them.
Today I decided to sort it my way. The main criterion was what I felt when I saw it, not how clean it was or accessible or if the beach bar and toilet were available… it’s more personal. I wonder if you share my taste :)

Here it goes.

5. New Zealand
4. Spain
3. Cuba
2. Australia
1. Zanzibar

New Zealand – I loved this beach close to Auckland because it was the first wild beach I had seen after arriving to NZ. The sun was shining, it was very warm, the spring was in the air and it was totally deserted. Considering the fact it was November and we left cold, rainy Poland few days before, it was easy to fall in love with this place.

New Zealand Beach

New Zealand Beach


Spain – I could write separate chapter about Spanish Beaches. I have seen many of them. There are very different one from another. The best is of course the one that is 15 minutes away from my home, but I need to admit that any beach lover will find something they like in Spain.

Nerja Beach

Nerja Beach – Andalusia

Canary Island - Fuertaventura Beach

Canary Island – Fuertaventura Beach

Cuba – there is not much to explain about Caribbean beach – it is just perfect! It is exactly how you expect it to be. Clean, turquoise water, little colorful fish and white sand.

Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach

Sunset in Playa Larga

Sunset in Playa Larga


Australia - we did not plan to go on Great Ocean Road. Our friends just took us there and it left us speechless. We stopped at EVERY possible viewpoint and beach entry. There was so much to choose from! Some of them are really huge and with nobody around. You are alone on the fantastic, breathtaking beach. Great places to contemplate your life surrounded by pure nature. What I remembered most were the amazing houses built on the rocks, on big stilts, with windows instead of walls,  facing the ocean.

Seven Apostols

Seven Apostles

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Zanzibar – definitely my number one. Nothing can prepare you for Zanzibar beach. Whatever you read, whatever photos or movies you watch, you end up with your mouth opened. I really feel helpless trying to describe how I felt ever day watching the ocean come and go or watching the people from the village ‘working’ according to ocean tides. Same way I felt while trying to take photo of it. At the moment of pressing the button I knew it was not possible to show the beauty of it. It just needs to be seen with your own eyes. Again, the fact all of those beaches we have seen in Zanzibar were empty made it even more magical and unforgettable.

Zanzibar Beach next to restaurant - The Rock

Zanzibar Beach

The Rock in Zanzibar

The Rock in Zanzibar




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4 Responses to “My personal beach ranking

  • Ja tu odliczam dni do urlopu, a Ty pokazujesz takie cuda świata! nieładnie…OMG jak ja chciałabym tam być…gdziekolwiek ze wspomnianych plaż…..może choć polska plażę uda mi się w tym roku zobaczyć? i pobiec brzegiem morza o wschodzie Słońca?

  • To co Cię powstrzymuje :) Do dzieła! A poskiej plazy nie ma w rankingu a przeciez powinna tez byc. Zdjecia mi tylko zabraklo :( Moje wakacje nad Bałtykiem zawsze byly udane, bez wzgledu na pogode..

  • Jeśli wybiorę się w tym roku nad Bałtyk, to podeślę Ci jakąś fotkę:)

  • This is a really good read for me, thank you!

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