Not an ordinary evening out to the cinema I thought it could be a bit sad going alone to the cinema on Saturday night. But actually it was quite all right and I enjoyed it very much. Especially that just in front of the ticket office I decided to change the decision and instead of seeing American ‘Horrible Bosses‘ I chose Argentinian ‘El hombre de al Lado‘, the movie I never heard of. I have a very¬† good experience with Argentinian movies, as I have seen couple of them while I was living in London. And this time I was not disappointed, I was even surprised how funny they were and how refreshing it was to see the movies that were really different from what I was used to. I was a bit worried that I would not understand the Argentinean accent but it wasn’t that bad. What’s interesting for me is that they don’t use Preterito Perfecto and the main character keep saying ‘Taa, taaa..’ as confirmation I guess, or ‘si’. The movie is minimalistic but full of content. The conclusion is that the things are not always as they seem. The bad guy could be the good guy and all the way round.

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