Paella Polaca

Paella is one of the main dishes here in Catalonia and Valencia region (not sure about the rest of Spain). The base is usually the same, so special kind of rice, saffron to make it yellow, some vegetables and depending on the region seafood and meat(chicken, rabbit). You need to be careful with ordering Paella in the restaurant because it happens a lot you found one really horrible. So before choosing the restaurant to eat this traditional dish, I would check out for some opinions on tripadvisor or ask my friends. Paella polaca
Since it is quite difficult to find it, my ‘I can do anything’ husband decided he is going to make one, not making a big deal out of it.The way the paella should be prepared is legendary – special kind of dish is required ‘paellera’ then it should be cooked on the wooden grill to make it really tasty. However Pawel found the receipe and ignoring the important rules prepared superdelicious paella that I am sure would be so much better than 80% of paellas you can find in restaurants on Rambla.

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