Making the most of it in CataloniaDaily life of a young family in SpainTravelling away from CastellforniaPhoto of the Week

Making the most of it in Catalonia

Catalonia has it all. Let me introduce you to its treasures: beautiful coast, beaches, mountains and attractions that are not necessarily in your guide

Daily life of a young family in Spain

The perfect dream of living on the beach might not be that perfect when it comes to the real life. Here is the story of our journey of confronting the dreams with reality

Travelling away from Castellfornia

We, as a family, constantly want to see and experience more. That is why we choose to spend our money not on new car or furniture but traveling. Check it out, perhaps it will inspire you too.

Photo of the Week

Having the luck to live in a wonderful place where not only the beach is the attraction, I am posting photos from my surroundings that always have the story to tell but sometimes it is better to leave it without the comment.

12th Sep 2013
Let's go to the beach girls!

Zanzibar stories – The cool life of Jambiani cows

Everything in Zanzibar is exotic. The air, the plants, the ocean – the most incredible thing is that even the cows take the most of living on such a beautiful...

01st Sep 2013
zanzibar spice farm

Zanzibar spice tour – the “spicy” experience

Zanzibar spice tour is a typical must do thing while visiting Zanzibar. We took the chance and did not regret it. As everything in Africa: the flowers, fruits, spices and...

18th Aug 2013
new york one way

The 3 lifes of mine – best cities to live in

What are the best cities to live in if you are single, young and beautiful? My choice would be London, New York and Barcelona. Find out why… If I could...

Free (and fun) attractions in Barcelona – Part One

Every big city has its free ‘face’. Sometimes it is very obvious, sometimes it is more hidden and you need to dig in to get to it. In my opinion...

30th Jul 2013
Watching the Savannah Life

Heaven over African Savannah

What I want to describe here is my personal safari experience, however it is not about animals or views or nature itself but about what I felt while being on...

26th Jul 2013

Fish ‘n’ Max

Photo by Dominika Wojcik-Mirska

21st Jul 2013
New Zealand Beach

My personal beach ranking

I am a beach type of person. I live next to one and I love it, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have seen a lot of beautiful beaches in my life....

17th Jul 2013
Barceloneta Beach - not for pure pleasure

The things you don’t want to experience while in Barcelona

1. Walk on La Rambla – It is crowded, super noisy and full of thieves, the restaurants are overpriced and not good at all, they have tables set up on...

15th Jul 2013
Castelldefels Beach

After the rain

El Montseny – the perfect summer gateway

Inspired by the summer heat and my new friend Edyta, I decided to describe the place that we discovered last year, while trying to hide from the heat. It’s called...

08th Jul 2013

Feeling sexy in Barcelona

There is something about Barcelona that makes women feel really sexy. I can openly say it made me change a lot since I am here and I was a witness...

08th Jul 2013
barcelona window

Barcelona window


05th Jul 2013
Experience to share

Castellfornia Visitors and my ’5 days’ rule

Living in a place next to the beach and airport with cheap airlines has great influence on the number of guests and guests request you get. When I came here...

Barcelona attractions – city at the different angle

Barcelona attractions – continuous discovery of the city After 3 year of living here, there are still places that I have not visited in Barcelona. Teleferico del Puerto is one...

01st Jul 2013

Touching the sky

Partying the Catalan way – explosive fiesta of Sant Joan

Sant Joan – (Catalan fiesta) is a feast I still don’t get it. It just does not want to properly enter my head that it is commonly accepted to throw...