Making the most of it in CataloniaDaily life of a young family in SpainTravelling away from CastellforniaPhoto of the Week

Making the most of it in Catalonia

Catalonia has it all. Let me introduce you to its treasures: beautiful coast, beaches, mountains and attractions that are not necessarily in your guide

Daily life of a young family in Spain

The perfect dream of living on the beach might not be that perfect when it comes to the real life. Here is the story of our journey of confronting the dreams with reality

Travelling away from Castellfornia

We, as a family, constantly want to see and experience more. That is why we choose to spend our money not on new car or furniture but traveling. Check it out, perhaps it will inspire you too.

Photo of the Week

Having the luck to live in a wonderful place where not only the beach is the attraction, I am posting photos from my surroundings that always have the story to tell but sometimes it is better to leave it without the comment.

26th Jun 2013
comida de la playa

Comida de la playa

25th Jun 2013
The beauty of Ibiza

How Ibiza can spice up your relationship

Ibiza – review from our romantic weekend trip Sometimes long time relationship needs some help to fire again, needs some spicing to keep it burning. There is nothing better to...

Costa Brava Spain – Camping Weekend

This was not a just a regular weekend. This was not just a regular camping. These were not just a regular people. All of it was fantastic! There are plenty...

17th Jun 2013
10a Concentracion Furgo Volkswagen, Junio 2013 Sant Pere Pescador

VW Angels

11th Jun 2013

Life happens around here

Friday in Castelldefels

Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing – what kind of surfing would you like? I tried it all. Windsurfing was not really difficult to learn the basics. It took me few hours and...

03rd Jun 2013
Lunch Break

Lunch Break 2012


03rd Jun 2013
the stove

Sant Ponc – the oldest fair in Catalonia and reflections on the country life

Every year, in May same fairs take place in all Catalonia. It is to celebrate Sant Ponc – the patron of herbalists. Last Sunday of May, main squere of Castelldefels...

27th May 2013
Foot prints

Foot Prints

Beautiful Calella de Palafrugell

Catalonia rocks! It really has it all. It does not stop amazing me. Wherever I go, I find places not only beautiful but with this kind of magic and atmosphere...

02nd May 2013

Castellfornia wedding

There was a bit about Castellfornia birthday parties. It is the wedding turn now. If we can attend the party in the California style here in Castelldefels, perhaps we can...

Experiencing flower season in Girona

For the last 50 years, the show of Temps de flors is held every year during spring in beautiful city of Girona. For one week the city is filled with...

28th Apr 2013

Live salsa dancing – salsa my new passion

I called it “live salsa dancing “because it was the first time we actually went out to dance salsa away from training room. That was a surprising night for few...

23rd Apr 2013

A Rose for Love and a Book Forever

Today is the Catalan holiday I like most. It’s the day of Rose and Book -La Diada de Sant Jordi. Originally the boys gave roses to the girls they liked...

10th Apr 2013

Easy come and easy go

It’s been a year and 2 months now since I started my horrible job. It was really high time to give it up. I am sitting in the sun right...

02nd Apr 2013
spa sausages

Discount offers and my moments of relax

The idea of discount deals got spread in Spain really quickly(because of the crisis, of course). I started to look at these kind of websites about 2 years ago, and...