Making the most of it in CataloniaDaily life of a young family in SpainTravelling away from CastellforniaPhoto of the Week

Making the most of it in Catalonia

Catalonia has it all. Let me introduce you to its treasures: beautiful coast, beaches, mountains and attractions that are not necessarily in your guide

Daily life of a young family in Spain

The perfect dream of living on the beach might not be that perfect when it comes to the real life. Here is the story of our journey of confronting the dreams with reality

Travelling away from Castellfornia

We, as a family, constantly want to see and experience more. That is why we choose to spend our money not on new car or furniture but traveling. Check it out, perhaps it will inspire you too.

Photo of the Week

Having the luck to live in a wonderful place where not only the beach is the attraction, I am posting photos from my surroundings that always have the story to tell but sometimes it is better to leave it without the comment.

25th Mar 2013
Easter window shopping

Easter chocolates

On Saturday before Easter I went with Max to Barcelona for a good coffee and my regular visit to BodyShop. Walking on Calle de Balmes we were surprised with rich...

26th Feb 2013
Red Rocket

Incredible Cuba

The three of us live in Spain, Castelldefels. That is already exotic for “not so regular” polish family. And we love travelling. We have visited a lot here in Catalonia...

17th Jan 2013
witner beach

Castelldefels winter beach

Different colours of my favourite beach. I think it is really more beautiful in the winter time, but the atmosphere is definitely better in the summer. Whatever time of the...

30th Aug 2012
Portobello Market Snack

London – my love

I love London, I always will. For the atmosphere, for the bridges, for Soho, for all of the parks, British people, for tolerance, for great parties, for diversity of people...

20th Jul 2012
Paella polaca

Paella Polaca

Paella is one of the main dishes here in Catalonia and Valencia region (not sure about the rest of Spain). The base is usually the same, so special kind of...

14th Jun 2012

After work

The summer season is about to start! There are more spanish words that comes to my mind right now. The result is that there is no language I can speak...

Zumba on the beach

Zumba is my new discovery. The music is very dynamic, I am able (more less) to follow the steps, it’s almost as if I was dancing and it has a...

18th May 2012
birthday party

Castellfornia B-day Parties

There is this custom in my 4-year old son’s class, that whenever one of the kids have birthdays, they invite the whole class to attend. That makes a lot of...

Delta Ebro – a different type of coast

Visiting Dela Ebro will quickly help you forget about Costa Brava. Here, the time has stopped. It is totally different from the rest of the coast. It is the place...

Fountain show in Barcelona

How can you not love this. It is one of the best Barcelona attraction in my opinion for the following reasons : - it is in Barcelona - the fountains...

05th Dec 2011
How difficult it is to find a job in Spain

How difficult it is to find a job in Spain

I left my last job as a AP Junior Manager for a really big company. I liked my job and I was good at it. It was challenging, I learned...

05th Dec 2011
Autumn leaves

Autumn in Spain

Miró and his colours

I finally when to see the Miro museum in Montjuic. It wasn’t easy to enjoy the art as my 4 year old son was with me so I had to...

10th Nov 2011

Empty flats in Castelldefels

What really amazes me is the stubbornness of property owners in Castelldefels. They don’t negotiate with you in the moment of renting the flat. You take it or not, it...

04th Nov 2011
Incredible things happen when you fly with Swiss

Incredible things happen when you fly with Swiss

I did the stupid thing. I lost my Iphone. It’s not that someone stole it from me. That would be so much easier to understand. I lost it! I left...

10th Oct 2011

Espectaculo Travesia Música de Capoeira – Castelldefels Theater

Thanks to the Castelldefels newsletter I subscribed some time ago I was lucky to know about the concert of Capoeira Music from Brasil. As usual I thought I would have...