Making the most of it in CataloniaDaily life of a young family in SpainTravelling away from CastellforniaPhoto of the Week

Making the most of it in Catalonia

Catalonia has it all. Let me introduce you to its treasures: beautiful coast, beaches, mountains and attractions that are not necessarily in your guide

Daily life of a young family in Spain

The perfect dream of living on the beach might not be that perfect when it comes to the real life. Here is the story of our journey of confronting the dreams with reality

Travelling away from Castellfornia

We, as a family, constantly want to see and experience more. That is why we choose to spend our money not on new car or furniture but traveling. Check it out, perhaps it will inspire you too.

Photo of the Week

Having the luck to live in a wonderful place where not only the beach is the attraction, I am posting photos from my surroundings that always have the story to tell but sometimes it is better to leave it without the comment.

10th Oct 2011

Not an ordinary evening out to the cinema

I thought it could be a bit sad going alone to the cinema on Saturday night. But actually it was quite all right and I enjoyed it very much. Especially...

Port Ginesta and the beach

There is a small Port in Castelldefels. It is really beautiful, not industrial, with boats and yachts only parked in a nice water alleys. Not everybody knows that when you...

Parc de Garraf

Within 15 minutes from the Castelldefels beach I can change the environment completely and be in the mountains. Not the really big ones, but big enough to have a nice...

29th Sep 2011

On the edge

I took this photo while visiting the castle on Montjuic. It was really really high on the other side of the wall. The gentlemen didn’t know I was photographing him...

25th Sep 2011
moment of relax

September Sunday Afternoon

The weather is still great. Uff what a relief. I went for a bike ride to the beach today. Just to have some time off (the family). After a short...

The secrets of Barcelona

Gaudi’s work is impressive. Very impressive. And in my opinion, there is nothing like that. No wonder, those are the Must See for all the tourist. But there is much...

21st Sep 2011

Coffee break

What is it with calling people at 23.00, I wonder. There is a strict Spanish rule, that nobody should disturb when Spanish people eat their meal. You should not look...

20th Sep 2011

The assets of Cataluna

Apart from the artworks of Gaudi, Miro or Dali the best product of Cataluna for me is ICAT FM The radio I personally love. They have a really bad website

The heat, the wind and the rest

It is the first day when the weather has changed. It was actually cold that night. Till today we were sleeping under the sheet only and tonight I had to...

Magic Sagrada Familia

What is it about this church that makes you pay 12.50 EUR and stare at it, in and out for long hours. During my mother’s visit I was finally able...

Weekend activities

When we are bored with the beach, and the swimming pool, it’s time to find more interesting activities. Why not a porsche ride in Mataro? Could be Ferrari too. Depending...

Boqueria Market

I do visit Barcelona as often as I can. For many purposes. I do have my favourite places now. One of them is the Boqueria Market. It is one of...

It’s all about Barcelona, isn’t it?

We are living in the shadow of fantastic Barcelona. But who cares?! There are so many things that pisses you off when you live in a big city eg. traffic,...

17th Aug 2011
car accident

Shit happens

Here is what I saw today. Hope nobody was hurt. It is one of the crossroads that I don’t like much either. I wonder if that was the mossos (...

15th Aug 2011

My spanish treasures

I found these olives in Mercadona. These are the best ever made olives as far as I’m concerned. It costs about 1,70 eur and I would pay a lot more....

15th Aug 2011
sugar fiesta - bottle and glass small

Private Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta

The best thing you can do about planning party tonight is not thinking about tomorrow, it may ruin the whole fun. You can always go to sleep but it may...