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The best thing you can do about planning party tonight is not thinking about tomorrow, it may ruin the whole fun.

You can always go to sleep but it may stop you to party at all. It does not matter if it is Spanish fiesta or English party. The most important is to have fun at this moment and not thinking about tomorrow.

sugar fiesta - bottle and glass fiesta

Although we already have a kid we are able to organize to go out sometimes:

Fiesta numero uno – Castelldefels

Me and my husband had actually a chance to go out together, taking the chance that my brother with his family were staying at my house and, as always, we have used the night till the dusk. Came back home almost in the morning, full of rum and coke and a lot of new experience that will need to be mine and my husbands sweet little secrets :) The only thing I can share was a funny situation where I tried to talk to some guys being sure that they were gays (very tight shirt with huge ARMANI sign, and tight blue jeans, the other men – tight jeans and shirt with collar, half unbuttoned) both with big muscles, uff.. Apparently I was wrong, but the way they looked was quite misleading to me and I do know few gays and went to Sitges few times, so I am quite confident on identifying them. I think, at the moment the Armani guy wanted to exchange t-shirts with me was the crucial to me to realize I was mistaken.

Fiesta numero dos – Barcelona

Two days later, after we have recovered from hangover, we went out to Barcelona (fiesta again?!).fiesta - food after fiesta Barcelona walk-to-wok Not really in a mood to drink, just to hang out on Barrio Gottic. First we went to the chinese restaurant called WOK TO WALK. Fantastic it was, because when we got to Barcelona it was about 1 AM so all restaurants were closed. And WOK TO WALK did not disappointed us. Well maybe it was a bit pricey. For one paper cup we paid 10 EUR. But we were in no mood to be fussy.

Then we walk from one street to another and got to a very cool bar, where you can take the headphones and request the music especially for you. It was quite interesting idea as for a bar I think. With good rock, hard rock music. Then there were few more, when we decided we were hungry again. Anotherfiesta - food after fiesta Barcelona - maozer stop. This time Maoz Vegetarian. My favorite Pita Bar. You pay 4,5eur and you get pita with felafel. All the rest depends on you. It tastes fantastic at 3 in the morning. And you can eat as much as you like.

Then my husband proposed coming back with a night bus. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if:

1) I was not on high heels
2) we were 15 min walk from the bus (not exactly sure where the bus stop was)
3) the bus takes about 1 hour to get to Castelldefels
4) our son would probably be up around 7.30 am having no mercy to silly parents that decided to go out when he was asleep. Yeah!!

The taxi at night costs 55 euro so IT IS a big deal – not the money you want to pay after all. But… as I mentioned the 4 above, not particularly this time. Anyway, I agreed, although I was quite pissed off for a moment. Then when he agreed it was not such a good idea after all, I said ‘ you wanted to try to go with a night bus, we ARE going with the bus”. And shortly before 5AM we were at home.

As it was easy to predict Max did not care about how we felt that morning.. ufff. I must admit though that Pawel was on duty for most of the day.. my bus revenge :) . We split the day having a good time with our son too later on and we slept extra hours the night after.


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