Romantic photo shoot? Only in Garraf!

Garraf is a small village hidden between the rocks of Costa Brava. It’s located 25 km south from Barcelona. To get there you need to take a picturesque road with lots of curves and fantastic views. We decided to visit it one Sunday afternoon in October, when the high season was already over. Garraf apeared to be even better than  all the good stuff we already heard about it.

On the way to Garraf

It took us 5 minutes by car to get there from Castelldefels. This curvy road that leads towards Garraf is my favourite road on Costa Brava. The views are breathtaking and the curves are so dangerous that it could work really well as a next James Bond movie scenery.


On the way to Garraf

On the way to Garraf


Going around the village

First we got to the port, which was quite big and pretty considering the size of this village. It was a pleasure to walk in the sun admiring beautiful yachts and romantic boats. The next step was to find the beach #1. To get there we had to climb a bit.

garraf - Climbing to the beach

Climbing to the beach


When we got there, we liked it, because it was full of rocks. We could jump on them and throw stones (favourite play of Max)


garraf -How many more stones can I throw?

How many more stones can I throw before we go?


While having a lot of fun with the stones we noticed few generations of fishermen, the youngest on the photo below.


garraf -Fishing for the supper

Fishing for the supper


As opposite to Castelldefels beach that is sand only, here we found a bit of everything. Rocks, stones, sand, cliffs, grass paths and cactuses as huge as the trees.

Meeting in the bush.

While trying to find beach #2 we stopped the car because we liked these stairs. We got off and went to discover the area.

garraf -Going down

Going down


Apart from the couple kissing intensely on the edge of the cliff, we found the cute couple of little cats. I wish I had taken one of them home with me.


garraf -Hey kitty kitty

Hey kitty kitty

The Photo shoots

 The beach #2 appeared to be really beautiful with typical Mediterranean touch. Big advantage of this little beach was that it was almost empty that particular afternoon. Therefore we could enjoy it even more.

What was interesting that all the people that were present on the beach were either taking photos or being photographed.

We met a newly married couple, doing romantic photo shoot and 3 single (!) brides. I was really curious where the grooms where but looking at the crazy brides posing in not so warm sea and doing silly faces on the paseo, they seemed quite happy without them.


garraf -Crazy single bride photo shoot

Single bride photo shoot


Apart from the wedding photo shoots, we also met a model posing in swimming suites. Quite interesting as well.

garraf -Swimming suits photo shoot

Swimming suits photo shoot


The gentleman with the back seemed quite jealous about the model. He didn’t leave here alone even for a moment, covering her well while she was changing the swimming suites.

There were more of people taking photos of each other in this beautiful scenery. We decided we wanted the great photos as well and here is the result.


garraf -I take photo of Max and Max takes photo of me

I take photo of Max and Max takes photo of me


Time to go home


The sun started to hide behind the rocks so we decided to have our favourite snack – patatas bravas,  in the beach restaurant and head home.


Garraf Beach restaurant

Garraf Beach restaurant


Before going back to the car I took the last photo of this beautiful beach. I guess thses little houses are the reason of all the photo shoots.  They look  a bit like they were fake. I asked the waiter if they were tourist apartments and he said they are private properties and in some, people live all year round.


garraf -Like dollhouses - small and beautiful

Like dollhouses – small and beautiful


That was the end of our trip, but not the end of treasures of this cute little village.  There is the most famous building of all in Garraf called ‘ Las Bodegas Guell’ designed by Gaudi himself. We didn’t have time to get there.

We are going to be back for sure.

Was this convincing enough for you to come and visit Garraf as well?



To get to Garraf from Barcelona, you need to take the train (Rodalies) from Barcelona Franca/Paseo de Gracia/Sants towards Villanova i la Geltru, St. Vincent or Sitges. Not all of them stops in Garraf, so make sure before you enter the train.  While buying the ticket choose the village or Zone 2.

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