Siesta and all that staff

Spain is different. Spanish people are different. This culture is different, more than I imagined. But different does not mean worse. At least not to me. I learn a lot. Everyday. Try to understand how it all works here and

‘what makes the Spanish people tick’???

It was hard at the beginning when I found out that it is no good ( actually rude) to be in the shop at quarter to two, before siesta. Many times I was furious about this. About this whole siesta thing. I had to tell myself thousands of times: Calm down, Breath, Relax…I was thinking – Those people don’t want to earn? They really don’t want me to spend MY money in THEIR restaurant/shop/bar…??? Well for some reason – they don’t. The time of rest and eating is just very important. I respect yours, and you respect mine. Fair enough I thought …. after 5 months… before, I was wondering WHY WHY WHY?

My siesta - getting closer to spanish culture


To me now, it is not about being lazy, it is just how it works in here, and how it worked for the last xxx years. So it should not be questioned. Well, that is not that black and white now, as I found out later. But this a different story.


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