Spanish Tapas, Kitesurfing and Corrida in Andalusia – a trip to remember

The weather has started to change here in Barcelona. The are more cloudy days and chilly wind goes through the whole body leaving us cold and humid. Considering all that, we decided to run away to the south to catch up with the sun. It was cheap and easy with Ryanair, as we got return flights from Barcelona to Sevilla for only 30 EUR….there was no time to think too much. We just immediately bought the tickets and started planning out trip to Andalusia.

5 days route on the south of Spain

Sevilla – Tarifa(2 days) – Cadiz(1 day) – Sevilla(2 days)


Andalusia, kitesurfing, tapas, spain This is how we travelled

This is how we traveled



Day 1 -  in Tarifa where happy people never feel it’s cold

Tarifa is a small town “at the end of Europe” , very close to Tanger in Africa. Because of strong wind available all year round, and huge waves, it is the best place in Europe to do kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing. Since I don’t practice any of these, I tought going to Tarifa would be boring for me – how wrong was I!! This place is just totaly fantastic and pointing all the good sides of Tarife deserves another post.

Here are the happy people on the photo below:


Andalusia, kitesurfing, tapas, spain Surfing in cold waters of the ocean - Tarifa

Surfing in cold waters of the ocean – Tarifa


Day 2 – incredible beaches of Costa de la Luz


After one (cold) night in Tarifa, we went west on the coast to get to Cadiz. It’s not far, but we took our time to enjoy the views and stop whenever we felt like. We visited beautiful empty beaches of this coast, we climbed on the rocky mountains where only cows, bulls and horses were seen, and finally we followed the route of white villages of Andalusia (ruta de los pueblos blancos).



Andalusia, kitesurfing, tapas, spain Ocean views on the Costa de la Luz

Ocean views on the Costa de la Luz

Andalusia, kitesurfing, tapas, spain  Walking towards the ocean

Walking towards the ocean

Day 3 -  the towers of Cadiz


In the evening we arrived to Cadiz where we stayed in the budget, very comfortable and finally warm hotel. The whole next day we walked on the narrow streets of Cadiz, admiring the mix of cultures, architecture styles and views from the towers. We liked it a lot, however we could not forget the wide wild beaches we left behind.


Andalusia, kitesurfing, tapas, spain  The view of Cadiz - old town

The view of Cadiz – old town



Day 4 and 5 – real Spanish atmosphere of Sevilla


I don’t know anybody who would not fall in love with Sevilla. The old town here is well kept and beautiful. Every corner of it is full of fantastic architecture but also old legends and tragic stories. Thanks to our friend that lives in Sevilla we could soak into the atmosphere of this great town, drink surprisingly good orange wine and try delicious tapas. 


Andalusia, kitesurfing, tapas, spain  Wine and tapas - best way to spend siesta time

Wine and tapas – best way to spend siesta time


We arrived back to Barcelona tired but full of new experience and … plans to come back to Andalusia. This time we are going to spend more time in Tarifa – that’s for sure.


Andalusia – how we planned it


1. The flight was first – buying cheap tickets can definitely influance on the cost of the whole travel. We were lucky and found really good offer with Ryanair – 30 EUR return Barcelona – Sevilla.

2. Planning the route – the next step was to decide what do we really want to see. We chose 3 places – Tarifa, Cadiz and Sevilla.

3. Accomodation – Based on the route we booked the hotels. It is low season now, so we did find really good offers and did not pay much for the accomodation. We used the following websites to book it:

4. Car - because we decided to see more than one place, the car seemed like a comfortable option. So we book the smallest FIAT 500 at


The weather in November – African heat or continental cold


Well, the weather was not bad. One day it was raining (this was really bad luck, it doesn’t happen often) but it wasn’t cold. The rest of the time we had beautiful sunny days, a bit chilly in the night and with cold mornings. During the day we could wear only a jumper. So prepare for both. Always take sunglasses with you.

Go or not to go in November/December?


Of course you should go!!! Delicious tapas, orange wine and Andalusian sun are there all year round, even in the winter.  Apart from that low season has a lot to offer too, especially if you think of the cost of your whole journey. Totally recommendable!


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