Summer is almost gone

The summer is almost gone (fortunately not the good weather) so let me sum it up a bit. It seems to me that it went so quickly and I did not stop even for a moment.

Let’s see what we did this summer.


Camping in Sant Pere Pescador – great fun, new experience of beach barbecue and lots of new fantastic friends
Weekend in London – romantic trip for the adults only
Poland, visiting family – twice during summer, full of great food, meeting friends and shopping
Montserrat – one day trip to the weirdest mountain in Catalonia, great views and fantastic museum

The human looking rocks in Montserrat

The human looking rocks in Montserrat

Parque Natural del Montseny – one day in the mountains to run away from the heat. We climed to the top of the mountain and enjoyed the views
Colonia Guell - the industrial village with Gaudi touch. The real treasure outside Barcelona.


Wakeboarding on Canal Olimpico – first time was not as difficult as I thought. I will be back. That’s for sure.
Trip to Parc del Labirynth in Barcelona – hot summer day spent in the beautiful green oasis on the edge of a big city
Montjuic Cable ride – although I am not afraid of the height, the views of Barcelona from the cable car can be a bit scary.
Cosmo Caixa Barcelona Science Museum – The place where anything can be touched. Fun for kids, all day long.
Beach theatre about the Pirates invading Castelldefels – quite spectacular actually. Cannons, guns, shots, music, singing and dancing.
Fishing the crabs at the beach – never done it? Definitely you have to try, as fishing in Spain means food, wine and good company
Aquapark on Canal Olimpico in Castelldefels – jumping can make you really tired, especially if you need to help climbing  25 kilo young man.
Pedrera – the tour on the roof and around the modernist original flat. Very Gaudi.

The best roof in Barcelona

The best roof in Barcelona

Parc de la Ciutadella – renting a boat was not as boring as it looked. Altough the strong muscles are required.
Catedral de Santa Eulalia  and Basilica Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona  – both very old and very beautiful
Beach volleyball – this summer, not just watching but actively participating



3 Birthday Parties for the little people – one on the swimming pool, one at the beach and one in the park.  That’s just not fair. I never had anything as cool as those when I was a kid.
2 Birthday parties of Pawel – one was barbecue in Poland, the second, picnic with the view in Castelldefels Parc de Garraf
Salsa – lots of salsa dancing the whole summer. In Castelldefels, Barcelona and even in London
Fiesta Blanca (Party in White) – popular summer party idea. All people invited wear white clothes. You can tell immediately who is the intruder
La Tamborinada, fiesta del Parque de la Ciutadella – street theatres, foam shower, kids activities, human towers etc

barcelona - tamborinada

Hard to resist and not to join

Fiesta de San Joan – fireworks, concerts and street parties, all night long
Fiesta de Merce – fireworks, more concerts, parties and kids activities on streets of Barcelona  for 4 days

Fireworks better than on New Year's Eve

Fireworks better than on New Year’s Eve


We had altogether 14 people visiting us during 3 months. Lots of joy for Max and for the guests too, I hope. Thanks to them we did more sightseeing of Barcelona, went out at night (free babysitters), ate good food and drink a lot of wine on the terrace.


And of course beach, swimming pool, bicycling and going out a lot.


Summer Activities

Summer Activities


Ufff… that’s not bad as for one summer..

How was yours?


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