Zanzibar stories – The cool life of Jambiani cows

Everything in Zanzibar is exotic. The air, the plants, the ocean – the most incredible thing is that even the cows take the most of living on such a beautiful island. Instead of the meadow the spend their day on the beach. That’s not fair!!


Daily routine in Zanzibar

In Poland, cows are considered as not so bright animals in general. They stay on the meadow all day long, slowly moving their mouths chewing the grass. Someone has to take them there and bring back in the evening. It’s not really an exciting life.  That is something totally different to what I saw in Jambiani.

Every morning after the low tide, the group of very good looking cows, starts their journey towards the pier.


Zanzibar - Let's go to the beach girls!

Let’s go to the beach girls!


They know exactly which narrow street to take, to get to the beach. What amazed me more was that, although the hours of low and high tide were changing daily according to moon phases, the cows still were able to go back before the beach was flooded.

The day we went for a family walk on the beach to check out the pier, we come across a group of very relaxed cows, resting next to it.


Zanzibar - Beach life of Jambiani cows

Beach life of Jambiani cows


The cows beach

It is really funny to see if you consider how amazing that beach is. Instead of being packed with tourist bodies, one of the best beaches in the world, during the low season, it is only marked with cows’ hoof prints.


Zanzibar - Where did the cows go?

Where did the cows go?


What a life! I thought about it for a moment and felt a bit jealous. Will I ever be that free as those cows?



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