The heat, the wind and the rest

It is the first day when the weather has changed. It was actually cold that night. Till today we were sleeping under the sheet only and tonight I had to use counterpane. I was totally crashed…. From what I remember I did not wear jeans till November last year. We were swimming in the sea tillĀ  the middle of November! What is up this year? I love the heat. I got used to the way of living here. I learned when to go to the beach, when to stay at home, when to go swimming in the pool so it does not make me tired anymore and now… is it the end already? NO NO NO.. I am not ready for the winter yet. And winter here is not very nice, as it is very humid and the nice warm wind that cools me on the beach now, will change into this very chilling wind that goes right trough you, with no possible clothes to wear and secure you body from it. Last year it lasted for about four months. The good thing is, that it was sunny almost every single day. The beach and the sea had different colour every day, and it was totally empty most of the time. Beautiful. But I don’t quite miss it yet.

The winter beach on the picture below.

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