The secrets of Barcelona

Gaudi’s work is impressive. Very impressive. And in my opinion, there is nothing like that. No wonder, those are the Must See for all the tourist. But there is much more in Barcelona than that. And I am hoping to find it on my own.

This Saturday we went with my family to Parc del Laberint D’horta which is close to the mountains and Tibidabo. It’s almost on the top where the city ends. The air is very fresh and it is very quiet. Before entering the park you can hear shshshshshshsh; continuous far noise of the cars . The good thing is that you are far above that. After you cross the gate of the park, you leave it all behind.

Parks Barcelona - Fountains in labyrinth park

There is a nice playground for kids with cafeteria for parents. To enter the part of the park with labyrinth you have to pay 2 EUR. It is worth it. It’s beautiful, as in a moment you moved from the big city to some secret garden where no one from the outside can see you. It is full of beautiful trees and bushes and fountains and streams, called Fuente Romantico etc. There is even a waterfall. I was stunned by beauty of the place. You can wander around with no map. It’s a cool place for kids to run through the bushes and for the lovers to meet and hide among the green trees. There are no gift shops, no restaurants in the park itself wich makes it more special to me. And of course there is the labyrinth. It’s not big BUT it can definitely give you the impression how it is to be lost.

attractions of barcelona - labyrinth park

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