The things you don’t want to experience while in Barcelona

1. Walk on La Rambla – It is crowded, super noisy and full of thieves, the restaurants are overpriced and not good at all, they have tables set up on the street, where thousands of tourists passing by are looking at your plate

Las Ramblas and the horror on my face

Las Ramblas and the horror on my face

2. Let the thieves rob you – Barcelona is famous for clever and very efficient thieves. Leaving the city without being robbed is a challenge. Be alert at ALL times.

3. Relaxing on Barcelona Beach – city beach, super crowded, during the summer weekends it is not possible to put your towel without stepping on other people body or their stuff. Dirty with cigarette butts everywhere, plastic bags and other rubbish that I really don’t want to mention, make it difficult to swim in the sea

Barceloneta Beach - not for pure pleasure

Barceloneta Beach – not for pure pleasure

4. Go shopping on Sunday – generally the shopping centers are closed on Sunday (by law). I would not recommend being stubborn and visiting one of the few ones that are actually opened. You will queue to park your car, queue to use the dressing room, queue to pay, queue to pee and queue to eat. No fun at all.

5. Being hungry – because you decided to eat your lunch after 3.30pm. Generally you should go and look for the food between 1pm and 3pm. Later could be difficult to have a proper meal. In most places the kitchen is closed till 8 pm. Nowadays in most of tourist places it is open all day long but this, for sure, will not be the local food, rather some kebabs or McDonald’s.

Fancy something to eat?You'd better hurry

Fancy something to eat?You’d better hurry


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4 Responses to “The things you don’t want to experience while in Barcelona

  • Now I know what what to avoid, thanks!

  • Thanks for this post, I would also avoid La Rambla at 3 or 4 am. It is very dirty and fool of sluts

  • do not let thieves to rob you, they are everywhere around the La Rambla

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