Who we are?

We are a family of 3, living in Spain, in a small town called Castelldefels, close to Barcelona. We come from Poland and most of our adult life we spent in Cracow. We are travelers, the 3 of us. We have visited far away and exotic places, but also we love exploring out surroundings that currently is quite attractive. We create ideas and put it in our livesalways following our dreams. As a family we make a great team – well, at least most of the time:)

Travel - Monika, Paweł i Maks

Monika, Pawel and Max


Our Life

Actually the flat that we live in is quite old, but …  with the beautiful swimming pool; we have 10 years old car and an old TV (not flat one) but the beach is around the corner. Pawel is a ‘corporate rat’ but most of his ‘free’ time he is hunting for the wind to go to the beach to do kitesurfing. Evenings we spend dancing salsa and last year we managed to go for a spectacular vacation in Cuba and Africa.

Travel - I have never though I could live in the flat with swimming pool

I have never imagined I could have this in my garden

Travel - kitesrufing

…or this amazing beach within walking distance


It is the ‘dreamcometrough’ isn’t it? Well ..we really  love it here, although when you live somewhere, it is not like holidays anymore, even if the beach is just around the corner (although it makes lot things more fun). Cultural differences, new language(s), and not knowing absolutely anybody made it a bit harsh for us at the beginning.

But we managed and we keep trying to get most of it EVERY SINGLE DAY.


About this blog – why read it??

We are writing about travels, our every day life, usual and not so usual topics. All of them have one mission, to show that “IT IS POSSIBLE!”. Yes, it is possible to make you dreams come through and run away from every day life at least for a bit. It is possible to travel, to travel with kids and your family and organize these travels on your own. For some the travel could cost a lot and  for others very little, however you will assess it yourself by reading practical tips in our travel reviews.

While writing this info we are in the process of planning our next travels to keep up with making our dreams come trough. We hope our articles will be useful, it will help you to open the door of traveling and inject positive “CAN DO” attitude into your life.

Who we are?


Travel - Monika – dreamer, idea creator, wife and mom and individualist

Monika – the dreamer, wife, mom but also an individualist

Travel - Pawel – producer, husband and dad and kitesurfer

Pawel – the creator, husband, dad and kitesurfer

Please contact us!

If you like our posts, we will be happy to hear from your through comments, ‘Likes’ on facebook or just contact with us form.  Please share our posts to spread “CAN DO” across.

Do you have a questions, want to travel but do not know how, need some tips or inspiration, please leave us a comment below the posts or use the contact form.

We have inspired many people already, and we keep doing it. We love to help you to make your every day life closer to your dreams too.

The Authors: Monika & Pawel (and Max  not and official author yet but who knows, it may change soon :)

NEWS : We will be starting very shortly our new page in Polish: www.zbarcelony.pl

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